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                                    Send me your fishing pictures with the date, location and the catch- we'll post them on the site:  jhollstein@earthlink.net

Clicking on the photos in most cases will bring up more pictures

May 6th, 2006- Blackfish 
Ron Caught a 9 Lb.,12oz Blackfish

Scott Blue fish.jpg (62593 bytes) Shannon fluke.jpg (76023 bytes) Phil fluke.jpg (69169 bytes)
August 16th 2005 Special Additions Fluke Fishing Trip out of Point Pleasant, NJ

group-lobster.jpg (71274 bytes) Scott lobsters.jpg (61823 bytes) Scott- Newport.jpg (61675 bytes)
Lobster Trip- Newport Ritchie + Key West Florida 7/22/05- 7/31/05

shark 1.jpg (87543 bytes) shark 4.jpg (83162 bytes) File0001.jpg (67222 bytes)
Shark Fishing Trip July 8th 2005

Mike- striped bass.jpg (148119 bytes) jen-striped bass.jpg (136730 bytes) Stacey blackfish-teeth.jpg (145780 bytes)
Diane stripped bass.jpg (135867 bytes) scott black fish 2.jpg (136418 bytes) ron striped bass.jpg (158381 bytes)

October 31, 2004- Striped Bass and Blackfish trip out of Perth Amboy, NJ

 Mike, Diane, Scott, Jen, Ron, Stacey

Scott Bloody Tuna 10-3-04.jpg (84850 bytes)
Tuna Fishing out of Point Pleasant, NJ October 2-3 Overnight Trip

Ron with Fluke Greg with Sea Bass
      Atlantic Highlands- 7/2004

Todd Tuna 9-04.jpg (117186 bytes) Tuna Todd 9-04.jpg (115714 bytes) susi tuna.jpg (118796 bytes)
Tuna Fishing Trip out of Brielle, New Jersey on the Blue Chip

Ron stripped bass.jpg (133713 bytes)


ron- hackanack river.jpg (169945 bytes) Ron tuna.jpg (122729 bytes)

Ron-Blue fish Ron & Mike Bell in Hackensack River Ron Tuna Fishing

Todd pool winner.jpg (71480 bytes)

Todd's pool winning Fluke- The Sea Hunter- Atlantic Highlands, NJ

July 2, 2004



Greg- Pickeral.jpg (75053 bytes) Mark- Crappie.jpg (67584 bytes) Ron Pickeral.jpg (73843 bytes) Scott Bass.jpg (58699 bytes) Scott Bass-2.jpg (45549 bytes)
June 2004 fishing on Lake Hollstein

Justin Fluke.jpg (89356 bytes)    Justin and his fluke

Scott.jpg (60209 bytes) Ron.jpg (45890 bytes) Todd.jpg (46228 bytes) Group.jpg (66789 bytes) May 2004

Go N' Deep

Stripper Fishing

Scot Mahi- May 2003 NC.jpg (48258 bytes) Ron may 2003 NC mahi.jpg (51545 bytes) NC May 2003 Pole shot.jpg (50604 bytes) fish dock- bachlor catch.jpg (74701 bytes) Bachelor Party May 2003

Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, NC

Tuna and Mahi



Scott Mahi- Bachelor NC May 2003.jpg (57332 bytes) guys fish dock- May 2003.jpg (68893 bytes) Sunset NC May 2003.jpg (45411 bytes)

Scott Ron Todd- Cock Robin.jpg (56125 bytes) Cock Robin black sea bass- scott.jpg (47999 bytes) Cock robin- stripers and sea bass.jpg (53051 bytes)
Striper trip on the Teal Scott, Todd and Ron Wreak fishing on the Jamaica in January 2004

 Black Sea Bass- Scott, Todd and Ron

Ron Hollstein- pickeral.jpg (222927 bytes) Sarah- hollstein bass.jpg (301967 bytes)
Pickerel on Lake Hollstein Large Mouth From Lake Hollstein

scott-web.jpg (25940 bytes) Ron Shark-web.jpg (41615 bytes) Dave-web.jpg (33220 bytes) shark-web.jpg (37857 bytes) shark 2-web.jpg (31703 bytes) shark- blood-web.jpg (46161 bytes)

Tuna Fishing Trip November 9, 2002- Rough weather and high winds

POOL WINNER 8-03-02.jpg (91474 bytes) Scott's pool winner "Flukeasaurus" a great day on the Emerald Tide with Dave August 3, 2002 Bluefish "Riflefish" caught on the Marlin off  Montauk, NY

jamie_skate.jpg (94816 bytes)
5/19/02 Scott- Striped Bass 5/19/02 Ron- Bluefish 5/19/02 Todd- Striped Bass 5/19/02 Dave-      Bluefish 5/29/02 Mike D.-  Dog fish 5/28/02 Jaime -Skate

Cape May May 25- June 1, 2002

scott fillet-web.jpg (87103 bytes) Mark Turkey-web.jpg (126425 bytes) Capemay dinner-web.jpg (101481 bytes) Cape may 2002.jpg (138376 bytes)

23 1/2" Aluminum Starcraft center consol fishing boat
Saturday May 4th was our madden voyage. We took port from the Highlands NJ and cruised around the Raritan Bay, around Sandy Hook Point and back around the Navy Piers.

Fishing was no luck as we did not catch anything.

Man overboard drill was performed when Ron's hat went over- the pick up was a success. 

Sarah, Jen, Scott, Rob, Ron- May 4th 2002


Rob-Ron Scott 1st voyage.jpg (98419 bytes) Sarah-1st voyage.jpg (99448 bytes) Rob 1st voyage.jpg (106290 bytes)

Cancun Jen fighting the big one.jpg (54378 bytes) Cancun oct 2001 jen.jpg (62576 bytes) Deep Sea fishing in Cancun- a full day of Barracuda, Yellow Tail Snapper and Red Snapper- Red Snapper was made into Ceviche
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