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12 Liberty  
Unfortunately I could not find any decent pictures of the property in the summer so I had to take them with all the snow on the ground
front of house.jpg (100224 bytes) Right front dirive way.jpg (79214 bytes)
Front of house looking on from street- new addition is the area with the blue tarp- will be bathroom and the roofline to match the height where tarp is attached

There will be a window 30" wide x 42" high in the center of this new room- If you look at the picture you will see snow on the tarp- that snow area will be the top of the foundation from there down will be exposed block- I will want to hide that- however there is another basement window centered in the foundation.

Again another view looking on to the house and a part of the garage to the right
left front- addition.jpg (106270 bytes) front looking to street.jpg (114323 bytes)
Fence to the left of my property runs all the way to the back of the property

Maybe some bushes-trees to block the house and define the yard from the street

This view is looking from the garage into our front yard. I built a rock garden area where I planted a couple lilac bushes (still very small) and 3 of those low growing green bushes that are good for hills and sprawl out. the whole area butts up to the sidewalk and is enclosed by the rocks- it is full of mulch

Would like this whole area to be garden

driveway looking at street2.jpg (313545 bytes) 2- side of house- parking lot.jpg (248558 bytes)
Another view of the front garden area- sidewalk to the Right Another area from Driveway to the house- I planted 3 bushes and put mulch here
side of garage- driveway.jpg (67938 bytes) Right of garage- front.jpg (115136 bytes)
Another rock wall area that I built- this garage will have to be re-sided and new gutters. Currently 2 rose bushes and 2 green plants to the right of the garage along the property line is a row of Forsythia- i like these and would like to continue them down the edge of the property
Eddy's house.jpg (99262 bytes) File0001.jpg (184042 bytes)
Neighbors house- Eddy our property goes up to the railroad tie wall and the fence- the forsythias bushes end at the pine tree This is the front of the house with the stone wall I built- I have some plants in there  now with mulch- This deck is going to have to be replaced as the wood flooring is rotten- a project for the summer and after the addition
back right yard.jpg (124423 bytes) back yard- right.jpg (112419 bytes)
The small tree in the front of the picture - there is a set of stairs to the right- the yard is slopped and this is the start of the slope

The Two trees in the background (to the left) there is a bunch of bushes and tiger lilies - we clear cut this area- it is full of poison ivy and rose thorns

I would like to do a butterfly garden area- some sort of rock wall around and have it very colorful

back yard left.jpg (93117 bytes) back yard from driveway.jpg (98057 bytes)
Back yard looking out from driveway- as you can see there is  a fence but also a view of the apartments  

same view- off to the right of this picture the trees you see are in the back left corner of the lot- this I want to make as a garden with bushes and trees, grasses- colorful flowers, etc....

More Random Pics.

2-looking at garage from yard.jpg (345952 bytes) 2- back yard looking at house.jpg (324132 bytes)
Back of the house- view from the back fence
2- mulch pile.jpg (348156 bytes) 2- back yard looking at Eddy's.jpg (366285 bytes)
Mulch pile- you can kinda see where it starts- I had some extra concrete blocks so I made a small wall- that will not stay
2-front yard from driveway.jpg (290591 bytes)