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~Chronicle of Fishing~

July 30th, 2005

Sardine chunks lead to another dozen saltwater catfish at the B’s house

July 29th, 2005

Ron & I not satisfied with the weeks fishing thus far; venture out on the Gulf Stream III for a night of reef fishing.   Finally, the state of Fl opened it’s bounty to us allowing us to bag 15 keeper yellowtail, mutton, and gray snappers. In addition, Ron bagged a small toothy shark, shit loads of shorts & grunts, as well as, a few squirrel fish. The bagging system was ass backwards and the shit house was backed up.   It was cool watching the 250lb tarpon feed back at the dock.

July 27th & July 28th 2005

Mini Lobster season is in full swing.   My lobster prowess was not what I expected.   Those suckers are fast and too deep for snorkels.  We had enough for dinner for 6 both days but not much more. On day 2 we had a medium barracuda hit a black/red dolphin lure trolling north just south of Marquis key.  

July 25th, 2005

Jen & Stacey treat Ron & I to a birthday charter, which turned into a very hot & very expensive boat ride.  8 hours of trolling yielded 2 barracuda and a Bonita.  The Ultra Grand Slam couldn’t get the job done; although no other boats did much either.  

July 22nd, 2005

Finally time for a full week off and a trip to Florida .   Our first stop New Port Ritchie where right in the Bolanowski’s back yard we scored catfish, jacks, grunts, spotted trout.  Everything likes live shrimp. We went thru 7 dozen in just a few hours.

July 15th, 2005

Waiting all spring for this one - “Blue Chip” Shark charter….  Me, Kenny, Timmy, Ron, Todd, Paul trolled our way from the Lillian to the glory hole… nothing doing.  We drifted and chummed (mackerel) in the dense fog & humidity for an hour plus before my fish hooked up.   Approx 75lb Mako, followed by Tim’s 125lb an hour later. Antique shot gun got a work out. 1 knock down on the way in on a green machine, but no dice.

July 2nd, 2005

Ron, Paul & I took the FU out launching from Keyport at low tide. (Note to self: Self check the tides with Keyport launch)  Barely worth an entry, drifted the 1 can, 16 can, barge etc 1 keeper, some shorts, some blues and a few dozen bunker.  


June 26, 2005

Todd & I decided to hit the magic hour trip on the Misty Morn.   For only $30 w/ pool not a bad deal, I must admit.  Arriving at 4PM for a 5PM trip and being the 2nd person on the boat, I’m thinking I hope he gets out, but by 5PM the boat was packed.   Better pool, ONLY perk.   We had some sorry looking spearing, short squid & short fluke belly: buy bait next time.   Todd struck first w/ a 16.5 incher,; I then bagged 2 nice fish 2.5lbs & 2lbs – Both on squid, belly, spearing combo (still looked weak)  Other patrons bagged 5.5 & 6 lbers.   It was hot and slow overall.  When a Frank Stallone meets Ralphy look a like starts making a scene.  This baby was bitchin about the bait, the drift, that capt. etc… We fished the 16 can most of the night and then moved towards the light house just N of it.   Then the a**hole proceeds to throw the bait overboard, when the Capt threatens the old Zip Tie to the railing trick.  3 uniformed officers waited for him at the dock. 


June 19, 2005

Father’s Day saw Saltwater trip #2 of the season for the Fluke You.  Me, Ron, Stacey, Sarah, and Mr. B launched her down at the highlands.   We fished the usual spots: officer row, 1 can, north of the Sandy hook channel & beach, and due N of the Naval pier.   The ratio was about 60shorts to 1 keeper caught just off the naval pier by Mr. B on a squid killie combo. We also had loads of robins and a few blues.  Ran on the way back in.

June 11, 2005  

Me , Ron & Mark set out for 1 spring time fix of jigging bluefish on the Miss Belmar Princess. $50 god damn bucks w/ pool, what a rip-off.  It called for rain showers all day which would be nice for the crowds, no such luck. We were packed asshole to elbow: celebrity guests included the DJ Vin from Naughty by Nature, the drunk guy with 1 leg, and the mate with the missing tooth. It was an absolute slaughter fest from Belmar inlet all the way North to Sandy Hook . I had 35 blues of all sizes, and on my last fish shattered my rod while swinging him over the rail (almost). Lots of fun but I hate party boats on the weekends….

May 21, 2005  

Me, Todd, Ron, Jamie, and Rob took the Fluke You on her 2005 maiden voyage, despite warnings of 30knot N winds. It was sunny and beautiful inside, and some big 7ft roller outside. We had 21 fluke 1 keeper, bunch of blues on ava’s, sea robins, and sun dials. We mostly fished the pound nets and officer’s row b/t 10-24 ft of 54 degree water. The bilge pump broke today.

May 15, 2005  

Me, Rob, Mark & Fuzzy fished Split Rock w/ rain in the forecast. We had a few very short showers water was 60.Nice mix of large mouth, small mouth, perch, sunnies, crappies.  Pumpkin colored jersey rigs and floating sunamai’s worked for bass and crappies respectively. 

May 7, 2005  

Me, Ron, Bell , Mark, Stank & Big Al fished with Kevin today despite the precarious weather forecast.  The weather channels were calling for rain and a stiff wind 25-35 kts with 45 knot gust.   We had no rain and 20 knot N wind all day which laid down before long. We fished 2 spots and had our limit of slot bass and released another dozen slots & shorts.  Also came into a bunch of Alligator blues. 

May, 1st 2005  

Mark and I have Big Al to thank for recommending the Jersey Rig worms.   Lake Hollstein was 60 degrees with a strong wind from every direction, but the bass were still very interested in eating.  Between the 2 of us we had a Hollstein Grand slam.  Stacey came up for 2 casts and bagged a nice crappie with a pencil bail right by the Gusebo. 

7 – bass, 2 – crappies, 3 sunnies, 1 pickerel, 1 perch

April 22nd, 2005  

Todd & I hit the Norma KIII for some very close to shore Mackerel fishing.  We fished a few miles S of the Manasquan inlet and pretty much hammered the mackerel and herring all day.  It was a little shitty with a stiff wind from the S and started to rain by the afternoon. 

200 mackerel

30 herring

April 17th 2005

Go N Deep w/ Paul, Ron, Mark Brian & 2 other guys,  We fished 10 minutes from inlet right in the middle of bay in 20 Ft 50 degree water.  With a strong outgoing tide we managed to bag 53 flounder and a slot bass.  There was ice on the deck at 5:30 and it was 80 degrees by 2:00 . Price went up $65 per man

April 10th 2005  

Nothing doing on Lake Hollstein or on the river.


April 9, 2005

Ali, Mark, I fished lake Muscanetcong for 3 hours and only saw a pickerel.   This lake sucks 6 feet was the deepest spot and lots of weeds.


April 8, 2005

Rob & I hit Lake Hollstein for an hour, beautiful day, but nothing happening.  Ali got a 3+ lb bass yesterday, and the water is almost 60 degrees should happen any day now.


April 5, 2005

Ron & I went out on Lake Hollstein for the first trip of the year.  We saw a pickerel but nothing doing.


March 6, 2005

Me, Ron, Todd, Paul, Al & Brian went to Green Harbor ( Marshfield ) MA to go Cod fishing with the Haley Elizabeth Charters.   Stayed with Mr. & Mrs. Roth at the bed and breakfast, and went drinking at the Bridgeway.   Ron won $80 on Keno, and we chatted with dockwhore/loberman/bartender – Jackie.  We fished east of the Stelwagen bank in 200-250 ft of 35 degree water.  Winds 20-25 SW.   We caught our limit and then some of Cod before 9:00am .  

90 keeper Cod b/t  the party

90 short Cod


$40 tip

$50 B&B


February 13, 2005

Mark, Stank & I went ice fishing on Lake Hollstein today.   First time ice fishing and it was pretty fun.   Air 35 degrees – Water 41 degrees.   We fished with live bait about 75 yards from the beach to the bent tree.   Drank silver bullets.

  2 Perch

1 Pickerel


  January 16, 2005

Todd and I went offshore wreck fishing on the Jamaica , Brielle , NJ .   It was cold and windy, and the Jets just got knocked out of the playoffs.   As usual, we were the minority on the trip 75% black, 10% Asian, 10% Hispanic 5% white.     Five minutes into first drop and a black guy got into an argument with the mate that almost landed him in handcuffs.   A third of the boat was sick, which meant more fishing room for me.  Kevin, Goin Deep won the pool with a 16lb Pollack.  Todd got skunked bummer.

$130 w/ bunk

$26 tip

11 Porgy’s

2 Sea Bass

2 Conger Eels

2 short Cod