Crab Cakes with  Hot Crab Sauce  or  Cool Tarter         

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                                                                 Hot Crab Sauce                        Cool Tarter

16 ounces crabmeat (back fin)              pint heavy cream                   6 TBS mayo

2 shallots                                               6 oz tomato paste                       2 TBS pickle relish

1 large sweet yellow onion                    4 ounces crab meat                    2 TBS Grey Poupon

1 cups green onions                          1 TBS black pepper                   1 TBS horseradish

2 gloves garlic                                       1 tsp salt

4 eggs                                                    2 tsp sugar

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper

2 tsp Grey Poupon mustard

2 tsp Worchester sauce

cup parmesan cheese

2 cups of plain bread crumbs

1 cup all purpose flour

2 TBS olive oil

stick butter or margarine



Sautee shallots, yellow onion, garlic, and pepper on medium heat for 1 minute.  Add green onions and continue to cook for 1 additional minute.  Remove from and pour into mixing bowl.  Allow ingredients to cool for 5 minutes or refrigerate for a few.  Once cool, add 2 eggs, approx 12 ounces of crab meat, 1 cups of bread crumbs, mustard, Worchester mix thoroughly.  Form mix into either golf ball size or hockey puck size balls.  Dip each crab cake in flour, then egg wash, then breadcrumbs.  Repeat until all mix is formed and breaded.  In large fry pan, heat 2 tsp butter over medium flame and pan fry cakes until browned approx 3 minutes each side. 


Makes 8 hockey pucks


24 golf balls