Homemade Spinach Gnocci
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10 oz fresh spinach
2 large baking potatoes
4 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 TBS galt power/salt
cup parmasean cheese
6 + cups of flour

In two separate pots boil water. Grate potatoes with cheese grater or food processor. In pot A place shredded potatoes for approx 2 minutes or until soft. Plce spinach into pot B for 45 seconds - remove and place directly in ice water. Remove potatoes and place in refrigerator/freezer until cool. Ring out spinach as much as possible with hands, and then place in a clean dish rag and ring some more. Chop spinach fine, and add to large mixing bowl along with, potatoes, eggs, salt, garlic salt and 3 cups of flour. Need mixture thoroughly adding more flour as needed. Dough will become very sticky - continue to add flour to your hands to help process. (At this point you can refrigerate dough for 2 hours) or place on floured counter top to continue the flour process. (maybe 2 man job) Continue to add flour until dough no longer sticks to your hands (approx 6 + cups). Tear off section of dough and roll into quarter sized logs. Cut into inch disks and add to boiling water, pasta is done when they float. 

Serve with favorite sauce. Marinara, alfredo, or vodka. 
Feeds 8 -10. Also - freezes well (uncooked)